My Manifesto

Guiding principles, personal mantras, life-long goals. Some original. Others borrowed. Updated as needed.

Pay attention. Give a shit.

Be magnanimous, gracious, and sexy.

Design matters.
Design is in the details.

Community matters. Build community.
But Accept that community is ephemeral.

It always takes longer than you think. And that's okay.

Communication is everything.
Communicate well.
Communicate consistently.

Grow with intent. Make calculated decisions.

"I don't know" is okay. It opens your mind to possibilities.

Everyone has something to contribute.

Share your knowledge.

Listen to others.

Encourage and facilitate a culture of proactivity.
Stop letting things come to you—go out and find them.

Learn how to talk about yourself.

Low-hanging fruit is rotten.

Battle the culture of immediacy. Slow is okay.

Own your authority.

Planning is guessing.

Do not apologize for forging your own path.

Find your voice.